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Summertime Song Lyrics

Sex Bob-Omb
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Summertime I peeled off my face, I tore up my room
I read my own rights and I filled them with glue
I turned the commercial into a creepshow
I peeped at the gods with their bodies all day-glo

It's summertime
And it's that time
To strut and strum
I'm gonna strut strut strut
I'm gonna

I'm combing my braids, I'm sneezing my brain
Drinking shampoo and I'm tasting my grave
I'm wearing myself inside out
And I'm wearing my welcome inside out

It's summertime
And it's that time
To strut my stuff

People getting touchy when I touch my thighs
And take a vacation under friendly skies
With my peacock hard I wanna grunt and groan
Cut and paste all I've ever known

It's summertime
And it's that time
To strut and strum
I'm gonna strut my stuff
Oh oh oh oh oh

With my peacock hands and my tangerine skulls
And my grizzly bear face and my voice from Target

Gonna strut my stuff
I'm gonna strut strut
Going backwards in time
With my questionable eyes
And I'm drinking my grave
And I stood on my face

[Thanks to Craig Barton, Starlett, Murdox for lyrics]
CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music

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