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Shaggy, Where Are You? Lyrics

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Shaggy, Where Are You? Lyric

Shaggy Lyrics
Scooby-Doo Soundtrack - Cartoon, 2002
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Shaggy, Where Are You? Shaggy, woof….Scooby
Scooby dooby do
Where are you we’ve got some work to now
Scooby dooby do where are you?
We need some help from you now.

Once again I’m on a call
Once again I find my back against the wall
Will somebody help me please hear my call.
Or get a message to my do friend
Because everyone need a friend
that they can depend on
Someone who could help them out of a situation
Only a friend alone can understand my pain
If only I could get a message to my great dame


Once again I’m in a jam
Once again I never seem to ever have a plan
A total man can you lend a hand
Right now I’m reaching out to Scooby and the gang
A good to find a friend you can lean on
Even though sometimes I’m a little, little out of luck

Even though I never worry I know my dog has got my back

Even if it means he ‘d have to fly like a bird
I know he’ll be there for me now and match my word

Come on Scooby do
I see you, pretending not to shivers
You not fooling me
Cause I can see you, the way you shake and shiver
Come on Scooby I can see you
Not fooling me I see
The way you shake and shiver

[Thanks to ebatten@blueyonder.co.uk for lyrics]
CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music
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