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It's A Mystery Lyrics

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It's A Mystery Lyric

Little T and One Track Mike Lyrics
Scooby-Doo Soundtrack - Cartoon, 2002
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It's A Mystery There she is (uh...)
Tee you gotta go talk to her (nah man… leave me alone)
Just go talk to her (nah man)
If you don’t I’m gunna talk to her for you

Open up your mystery books to chapter one verse three
The part about you and me
And the way our eyes met at the intersection at
They reflecting all the thoughts I had but never had to say
Cus you spoke up so I could look down
I would have passed by shy with out a sound
If you hadn’t smiled and asked for the time
I said I don’t wear a watch
You said “you wanna wear mine?”
And that was it
Photograph click click to the memory
You said “walk me to class?”
I asked “which one?”
Replied “chemistry.”
You was quick and speedy
Crazy fast with the flirtin’
Every word out your mouth had my heart pipes burstin’
And from the jumper want it more like thirstin’
But didn’t have a clue
Why a girl like you would want me
It’s just a mystery
It’s a mystery
Why a girl like you
Would want a boy like me (X3)
It’s a mystery
(Uh chicky chicky boom)
Remember our first date
I said I’d pick you up around seven
But I got there at eight
Cus the train was late
I would have brought you a rose,
But they don’t grow in the park
I found a couple of dandelions popping’ out of the sidewalk though,
And brought you them instead
I even got a magic marker and made the petals red
I took you to a club cus you said you like to dance
But they wouldn’t let us in cus I had paint on my pants
Damn, I thought Id messed up royally
Tried to be the man but my plan got foiled
So we sat on the curb and ate candy
Talked about diddy’s new joint with the family
Genially increasing your affection by the second
With a little hand holding and a bit of cheek pecking
You told me in a whisper so quiet
That we could go steady if I was down to try it
Right then I should have known you were serious
But even now your love is mysterious
Our love is a wonderful thing
No doubt about it
But sometimes love can make a girl feel crowded
And I don’t wanna push you
Or ever disrespect you
You’ll space with my face
So I gotta double check
And make sure that everything’s parallelogram
Pees on the carrots, candy on the yams, my lips on your hands
And everything is beautiful
So I can kiss from your wrist to your beautiful’s dutiful
We got the pecan whipping
You say I'm cute, I still say you trippin’
Cus didn’t you tell me that opposites attract
And if I’m the cute one you the opposite of that
And that’s not the fact
Or even close to that kosher
You the glass of champagne I’m the stain on the coaster
If I’m a crumb you the toast
You the butter to my bread
Cus you always make the most of the situation
Like I’m rubber you’re glue
And if you say you love me
I’ma love you right back, boo.

[Thanks to Gee, Haley for lyrics]
CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music
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