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I Pledge Allegiance to The Band...

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I Pledge Allegiance to The Band... Song Lyrics

Jack Black
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I Pledge Allegiance to The Band... Well you wanna get rid of me? Why, because I'm old?
You hate teachers? Is that what you're about?
Well teachers like to play too and not only am I gonna play, I'm El Capitano.
And what I say goes, so put your
hands over your hearts. I pledge allegiance,
I pledge allegiance,
To the band,
to the band,
Of Mr. Shneebly,
of Mr. Sneebly,
And will not fight him,
and will not fight him,
For creative control,
for creative control,
And will differ to him on all issues related to the musical direction of the band,
Let's Go!

[Thanks to paperzelda@hotmail.com for lyrics]
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