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Reckless Abandon Lyrics

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Reckless Abandon Lyric

It Dies Today Lyrics
Saw VI Soundtrack - Movie, 2009
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Reckless Abandon Place these fingers over the holes in your flesh
But you'll never find the pieces that you lack

Searching nameless city streets and abandoned hearts
For your salvation
Nothing will save you here
Borrowed time, forgotten miles, faceless tragedy
This lost city's demise

We'll be the ones to break this mold
You've spent way too long to get this wrong
Your perception and your walls between everything
Catch your breath, you'll make amends
You'll be free at last

This point of despair
Revealing force with no acceptance of the present situation
This place of desire deserted with no one but yourself to blame


You're making promises you can't keep
Turning your back
Too weak to stand up or face the road of the righteous
Your wrists unbound, it's in your hands... now


Your chance for reinvention
Your chance for reconnection
Your chance for this redemption
You'll be free at last

Wrists unbound, it's in your hands... now
Your wrists unbound, it's in your hands
CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music
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