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Lovin' You Baby

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Lovin' You Baby Song Lyrics

Charles Bradley feat. Menahan Street Band
Save The Date Soundtrack - Movie, 2012
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Lovin' You Baby Loving you baby

When you're holding me, baby

I feel so real

When you're kissing me, baby

Oh, it feels so real

Oh Oh Baby

I, all my life I been searching for love

Mourning for love, giving everything I know

Oh, oh oh baby

When you touch me, baby

My heart skips a beat

Loving you baby

Has meant everything to me

Oh, baby oh baby

Everything to me

Every night when I look into your face

I know baby, I know it's you

That makes my life complete

Wanting you, baby

Oh I can't get enough of you baby

Can't get enough of you

I was crying when I felt your love

This time i know it's real baby


No More Bad dreams baby

No more afraid to open the door and let you in

Lovin you bab

Needin You baby

But I feel so real

When you're holding me baby

When you're needing me baby

Every night when I look into your face

I know its you that makes my life complete

Oh Baby baby

I'm gonna love you baby

No matter what it takes

It's you and e all the way

For the rest of my life

I lovee you baby

There's no one above you

You know when you love someone so deeply

When you feel it in your heart...
CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music

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