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Mercedes Benz Lyrics

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Mercedes Benz Lyric

Say Yes Lyrics
Rush Hour 2 Soundtrack - Movie, 2001
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Mercedes Benz Back in my review, still a picture perfect you
Slow down so I can see, who my passenger should be
Lovely your style of light, bought you beauty into my sight
Knew my direction and follow the girl in the Mercedes Benz

Didn’t car how far she’d go, tank full, top down, come on lets roll
Had a girl she was great but I changed direction,
Cause the girl in the Benz was my destination

Drove around for a little while, I guess you could say I was following her now
Pulled up to a big old house, she signaled to me to get on out
She said I know you think your slick,
but ain’t nothing’ coming near me if I don’t go near it
I guess you could imagine it now and me and the girl in the Mercedes Benz

Chorus (x 3)

Nothing against the Jags, Nothing against the Rolls
Nothing against the fords or the Chevy’s but I got to have the Benz

Nothing against the Cads, Nothing against the Lex
Don’t really matter what your running in I gotta have the girl in the Mercedes Benz

Repeat Chorus till fade

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CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music

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