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Rise to the Occasion Lyrics

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Rise to the Occasion Lyric

Sizzla Lyrics
RiseUp Soundtrack - Movie, 2011
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Rise to the Occasion Intro [Instruments]
Rise to the occassion,look at yourself den say yuh strong,
no-one can stop yuh, oh yeah
Rise to the occassion, go ahead yuh know yuh strong, no-one can stop yuh

Chorus It's for you to make the best in life, know that you got the chance
Get up & step towards your goal, it's all right, fulfil your needs & wants
You to make the best in life, know that you got the chance
Get up & step towards your goal, it's all right

Verse 1 Yeah yeah
Some people read & meditate, others move scantier
Some people are conscious about life, others are still panting, ya
Some people like strong drinks cold, like champagne & brandy, ya
Babies like ice-cream, & cake, and can-, candy, ya
I love herbs & girls, good words, roots, I'm Ashanti, ya
Girls love lots of shoes going to school,brand new, and I mean spanking,ya
Yeah,we all need education because that's the damn ting,ya
All things fade, leaving it standing


Verse 2 Fulfil your needs & wants
You got the clearence, that's the reference
Perseverance for the utmost best should be your preference
Skills of trade & talents is your evidence
Help those who far off, teach those in your residence
Woh!,yeah yeah, girls get some sentiments
Look at it with a clear conscience


Verse 3 Oh wow
People try so many things just to make a living
Thanks & praise to the king, ever-living,thanks giving,ya
Need no distractions,stay focused because it now begins
Got to achieve your goals, and it so vivid
No crime!, no killing, no confusion
LIfe is so real, no time for disillusion
Just like mom would say, love is the solution
Keep making music, you'll become a musician
CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music
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