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Herb Fields Lyrics

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Herb Fields Lyric

Rootz Underground Lyrics
RiseUp Soundtrack - Movie, 2011
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Herb Fields Secret that my momma used to hide from me
I man must have been born in a herb field (x3)

Sign of how Babylon hard, them want to stop INI now to grow I man Herb Farm
And even when a Congo planting fruits and herbs
The Babylon them spray pesticide, and if they could they would poison INI
So now I'm feeling just a little under the weather because I don't have my marijuana

Secret that my momma used to hide from me
I man must have been born in a herb field (x3)

Sign of how Babylon hard, is like everywhere I go nowadays I seem to run up inna road block
And when u stop by the cops you think of something clever
Like "Squaddy? What are you charging me for?"
Now them take me too the station in a mi marina
So now I'm feeling just a little bit under the weather
Because I don't have my marijuana

Have to wait 'til Tuesday to go give the judge a talk
Because they lock me up Inna negril now for a little herb stalk
And now they got me down here on the police station yard
And I don't know why they want to make the singer life so hard
And now I have to wait 'til Tuesday morning to get a draw
And I don't know why them want to profile I as an outlaw
I rather be an outlaw than to bow to Babylon law
Yes I'd rather be an outlaw never bow to Babylon law
I got a little message for police commissioner
I wrote a detailed letter to the legislator
There are receptors in your brain for THC AH JAH man
So don't you try to fight the herb out from Babylon
Or else you'll end up, end up gone down in Babylon
You'll end up end up gone down in Babylon
When INI a hold a meditation because the sensimilla
That is the healing of the nation now!
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