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Tina Turner Lyrics


Tina Turner Song Lyrics

leave my soul in the river
i'll go to the edge of this land
where i'll settle until i am dead
and the spine of this island
will leave me to waste away

and samuel clemens will tell me bed time stories
and i'll sleep with the six eyed fish
and we'll laugh as the tide comes up
and takes everything away with it

tuna turner won't you dance on my grave
rollin' rollin' roll me away

i'll live out every fantasie of bein' huck finn
and float on down to new orleans
where i'll sink 250 muddy feet deep

the trains will rumble and the barges will dredge
but none will wake my sleeping head
and poisons will spill out of every mouth 'long the way

scotty’ll play them ragtime tunes
with old drift wood and bottle caps of cheap booze
and we won't request a single song
we'll just hear what he's got to say

i'll learn what the colors of the water used to be
when you could swim and drink and eat fish for free
without the taxes of mercury poison bringing you down

i wonder if i jump if i would survive
if the coast guard would show up before my soul took the dive
but for now i think i'll stay alive
just to watch these sticks float by

Riot Acts Lyrics

Soundtrack for Movie, 2012
Tina Turner Lyrics by Adhamh Roland from Riot Acts Soundtrack (2012). Rating: 4.2/5 (25 votes)