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Going to Memphis

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Going to Memphis Song Lyrics

Johnny Cash
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Going to Memphis Bring a drink of water Leroy bring a drink of water (no)

If I could get to mercy man he's give me some I know

I got a gal in Vickburg Bertha is her name

Wish I's tied to Bertha instead of this ball and chain

I'm goin' to Memphis (that's right Lord) yeah (uh huh)

But dues took all my money wouldn't let me see the cards

I owen the boss about a hundred years for sleepin' in his backyard

I'm goin' to Memphis (yeah Memphis) yeah I'm goin' to Memphis (now)

Like a bitter weed I'm a bad seed but when that levee's thru and I am too

Let the honky tonk roll on come mornin' I'll be gone

I'm goin' to Memphis yeah Memphis

I never been to Chicago but it must be a mighty fine place (that's right)

I couldn't get past Tennessee with Mississippi all over my face (uh huh)

I'm goin' to Memphis (that's right Lord Memphis)

Well the freezin' ground at night is my own foldin' bed

Polk salad is my bread and meat and it will be till I'm dead

Well I brought me a little water in a Mr Prince Albert can

But the bossman caught me drinkin' it and I believe he broke my hand (hm hm)

They all call me crazy for sassin' Mr Scott

My brother was killed for a deed I did but I disremember what (yeah)

Well another boy is down the shovel burned him out

Let me stand on his body to see what the shoutin's about

I'm goin' to Memphis yeah I'm goin' to Memphis hmm

Like a bitter weed...

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