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Hell's Angel Lyrics

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Hell's Angel Lyric

Thurz feat. Bj The Chicago Kid Lyrics
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Hell's Angel [Verse: - Thurzday]
Summer breeze in the cayes
Off the coast of Belize
Is where I'd rather be
Then walking in the rain, two left feet
Trying catch the beat
Trying to dance with the stars, in the presidential suite
Sideline judges want me impeached
Like the world against me, [?] wanna drive right like I'm born a lefty
The score in the war, rise and uproar
Place like hell, but bless with [?]
Man, I need my amore
[Who'll escape heavens door?]
With a taste I never had before
To sooth my desires she [?]
With the wings, removes the halo
We both hate the devil, but she's hell's angel

[Hook: BJ The Chicago Kid]
They saw you gotta go through hell just to get to heaven
Well, I've been going through hell since before eleven
Baby girl, you were meant for me and I was meant for you
But we'll see, just don't let me down (down, down)

[Verse: - 2 Thurzday]
[Same?] brown skin, nigga gotta [cash?] in
Condone that good sin
Yeah, [curly like su?]
Natural hair-do, [when our love interview?]
From the side, from the front, or the back
God was smiling when he made that
Burnt his hand when he made that
Precision intact
Attitude ready for combat
Lumbar pad, as she [?] my back
When a nigga was backsliding off the track
Throughout the thespian, I was through with the acts
And the games, Sun break clouds when I speak her name
Comes down with her wings, no halo
Both hate the devil, but she's hell's angel


[Verse: - 3 Thurzday]
Yeah, I'm flawed and imperfect
But my soul can never be purchased
Conditions, worldly ways
Material slave with wrongful [praise?]
Taught to live like every day's my birthday
Eye for an eye, [?] [?] L.A. four-ways[?]
Her actions slap me out that phase
The way she gives so selfish [kind of ?]
Unconditional love like a [?]
Warms like my heart like cold niggas [?]
Not many folks making [beats?] [better?]
As a person she takes hold and I let her
God puts folks in your life for a reason
Some for a day, and some for a season
Comes down with her wings, no halo
We both hate the devil, but she's hell's angel

CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music
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