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So to Be One of Us

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So to Be One of Us Song Lyrics

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So to Be One of Us Well, to be one of us. [Spoken by Twin #1.]
Yes. [Spoken by Jane.]
There are some things to know. [Spoken by Twin #2.]
We like to dream all day,
And then at night we play.
We send our limbs up trees,
Till we wake up the bees.
These are the things we lost boys do.
We swing from rope to rope.
We have no use for soap.
We built a mouse we chomp,
And mop right from the swamp.
And then we top it off,
With pudding from a trunk:
These are the things we lost boys do!
We're rolling in dirt,
And we won't change our shirt.
We're marching around,
To see what makes a sound.

Dare you to throw that rock! [Spoken by Peter Pan.]
I'll get a triple skip. [Spoken by Jane.]
Dare you to explore that cave! [Spoken by Peter Pan.]
I'll have an overnight trip! [Spoken by Jane.]
and if your feeling scared,
I'll have my friends right there:
These are the things we lost boys do!
CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music

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