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Intro Song Lyrics

Resurrection Soundtrack - Movie, 2003
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Intro Good Evening
[sirens in the background]

I'm reporting live from Sunset Boulevard
Where many excited fans have gathered with candles
[crowd starts chanting "Tupac"]

Awaiting the much anticipated release, of Tupac Shakur's latest album, Better Dayz
This is yet another post - humorous release by Tupac
Which, raises the question
Where are these songs coming from?
It's interesting how, the message in these songs
Is still relevant today
Even in his death, he's touching people with his lyrics
I can feel the energy in the air, as they count down to midnight
When the album will officially be released
Oh, hold on, I, think they're starting to countdown now


5, 4, 3, 2, 1...
CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music

Song title Artist name
Intro 2Pac
Ghost 2Pac
One Day At A Time 2Pac with Eminem featuring the Outlawz
Death Around The Corner 2Pac
Secretz Of War 2Pac with Outlawz
Runnin' (Dying To Live) 2Pac f/ Notorious B.I.G.
Holler If Ya Hear Me 2Pac
Starin' Through My Rear View 2Pac
Bury Me A G 2Pac
Same Song Digital Underground
Panther Power 2Pac
Str8 Ballin' Thug Life
Rebel Of The Underground 2Pac
The Realist Killaz 2Pac featuring 50 Cent

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