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I, Suicide

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I, Suicide Song Lyrics

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I, Suicide End it all
The hollow voice behind your eyes
Embracing you
To numb the pain and paralyze
When no one cared, I was there,
I held your hand throughout the years
It always has and will be you and...

I, suicide
The blade between you and life
I, suicide
The gun inside a mouth of lies
I, suicide
Praise me cause you'll never survive

I, I led you here and plant your faith
Pay your price
Cause nothing's free in life but pain
I'll feed despair with scorn and hate,
till all your dreams are laid to waste
...laid to waste

I, suicide
The warm tears in mother's eyes
I, suicide
The blackest angel's wings arise
I, suicide
Praise me cause you'll never relent till you die

I, suicide
I've known you all your life, it's true
I've known you all your life... cause I am you
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