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Praise and Worship

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Praise and Worship Song Lyrics

Busy Signal
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Praise and Worship [Intro:]
Things and Time strange
El Shaddai El Shaddai
Mi call pan de fatha fi I and I
Guide I along these streets today
Guide all de youths dem along the way
El Shaddai El Shaddai
Alliance a call pon I and I
Guide over I and I while I trod
Hotthead... El SHaddai

Jah please protect Jamaica
(and d rest of the world)

Jah dey pon yuh telephone
Tell him wat you need
Tell him wat you need
Tell him wat you need
Jah dey pon yuh telephone
Tell him wat you need
Tell hime wat you need right

Say by the rivers of Bobbylan
Where we sat down
And everywhere when we remember Zion
Cause the wicked carry us away in captivity
Required from us a song
How can we sing rastafari song in a stra-a-a-a-ange land

How wen the saints
Go marchin in
How when the murders and rapist bun out clean (alleluiyahhh)
Oh when dem bun up inna fiyah just like a piece of lumberrr
How when dutty heart and badmind burn out clean(alleluiaaaa)
Oh I'm gonna sing sing sing
Alliance a shout shout shout
A tell dem a sing
Jamaica a shout
Praise the lord
Cause when Jah Jah a go open de gate dem wide
You no see no gun no knife dung inside
I'm gonna sing I'm gonna shout
Praise the lord
No terrorist

If I and I have the wings of a dove
If I have the wings of a dove
I would fly
Fly away
Flyyyyyyyyyyy awayyyyyyy

Rock hole
Rock holy
Rock hole
Rock holy
Ohh Zion children rock holy
Jamaica childrennnn trod holy

Jah prepare me to be a sanctuary
Pure and holy
Trod and trueeeee
With thanksgiving
I'll be a living
For youuu

Into my heart(come in)
Into my heart(come in)
Into my heart
Oh jah

Real real real
Christ so real to me
I praise him cause he gi mi di victory
Many many people doubt him
But I cannot do without him
Dat is why I praise Jah so
Jah so real to me

Alle lu lu lu lu iaaaa praise ye the lord
Alle lu lu lu lu iaaa praise ye the lord
Praise ye the lord
Praise ye the lord
Praise ye the lord

And cross the bridge
There'll be no sorrow
Across the bridge
There'll be no pain
The sun will shine across the river
And will never be unhappy again

When I get there
When we get there
I will sing and shout
When I get there
Glory alleluiyaahhh praise ye the lord
When we I and I get there

I and I gwaan lay down me burdens
Down by the riverside
Down by the riverside
Down by the riverside
When di thugs dem lay down di gun dem
Down by the river side
And study war no more

El Sahddai
El Shaddai
Protect I and I everyday wi cry
We nuh waan no marrow nor skull fi fly
Praise the most high
Believe me
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