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When You Come Back to Me Lyrics

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When You Come Back to Me Lyric

World Party Lyrics
Reality Bites Soundtrack - Movie, 1994
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When You Come Back to Me Just to float on the sea
Find myself on a page of history
You know as I ride along
I can always hear the song about you
And where you're meant to be

You're gonna tell me the answer
I'll know when you come back to me

If we should fall love would catch us every time
Hear you call, I will run
And if the magic of the adventure overcomes
We won't cry because it would be fun

I'm gonna tell you the answers
You'll know when you come back to me

Gonna be all right
When you come back to me

[Thanks to Susan, Perro, Moran for lyrics]
CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music
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