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Spin the Bottle Lyrics

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Spin the Bottle Lyric

Juliana Hatfield Three Lyrics
Reality Bites Soundtrack - Movie, 1994
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Spin the Bottle He's a movie star,Only drives rented cars ,I met him in a bar,said I know who you are.Took him to my party as the
games were starting,Bottle's on the ground, are you ready now?When it comes to me I'm gonna be ready It's my turn in a
minute.Gonna put my message in it. Five minutes in the closet with you.He's in a bunch of movies,Really stupid movies.It's
not entirely his fault, you can't control it all.I am not afraid, I can hardly wait. Truth or dare , I don't care. Tell the
truth I dare you. When it comes around(4x).Do you feel it too what I feel for you?If it was just us would you do what i'd
do?Doo doo doo doo(4x)Everybodys watching everybodys looking.She's such a sucker, He don't want to f**k her.He is gonna kiss
me,If he doesn't miss me. I'm ready for it now already on the ground. Five minutes in the closet with you(2x)Spin it round

[Thanks to sheree@bust.com for lyrics]
CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music
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