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America Lyrics

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America Lyric

Robyn Hitchcock Lyrics
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America Where do you live?Where do you eat?
Do you still live on Semaphore Street?
The children we were have grown into us
You in a car and me in a bus

How do you know you'll recognize me?
I'm not too clear, but I'm easy to see
Moving alone through the fossilized crowd
People in motion who feel so loud, yeah

I gave America your name and she taped it on the sea
I gave America your kiss and she blew it over me
What ya see

How do you know when you've gone too far?
Look in the mirror, that's where you are
People go by on their legs and their hands
Bury their heads in the evening sands

I gave America my blood and she drank it gratefully
I told America her weight and she said you'd wait for me
All of me

Someone like you impresses my head
Maybe it's true I'm not totally dead
This is goodbye, yeah, I've said it before
This time you're not gonna see me no more, well

I gave America her head and she fired it at me
I gave America her mouth and she turned it on to me
I gave America her heart and it's beating over me
I gave America her gold and she melted over me
CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music
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