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Love And Touch Lyrics

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Love And Touch Lyric

Kovas Lyrics
Prom Night Soundtrack - Movie, 2008
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Love And Touch *breathing*
Look at what she do to me
Look at what she do to me

I must confess
I often fantasize about you and me
those fantasies of mine
I'd love to make them reality
My life excites and only you can satisfy me
I wanna gratify your mind and body

You're my love and touch
My sugar plum
The smash of one
We can come tonight

It's my love and touch
My honey bunch
Can't get enough
Feel so right

I must confess
I'm not just always who I appear to be
I play it cool but perhaps feel the skin
that's come over me


Mmmm splendid
Our always are extended
Bodies intertwined into one
Feel like you the one
Energies added together
Have a need for some
Catch your breath
I watch your hair from your eye
Beads of sweat accumulate on your thigh
You look so royal in your splendor
Young and tender
I surrender
I'm fascinated by your physical form
This is different from the norm
People search their whole life for this
It feel so right
It's just

Chorus x2

Feel so right
Feel so right
CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music
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