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We Could Be Anything Lyrics

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We Could Be Anything Lyric

Nolan Sotillo Lyrics
Prom Soundtrack - Movie, 2011
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We Could Be Anything every day
friends & lovers grow like flowers
make mistakes
and spend your hours
living it down
life's a game
a journey for us inside out
no doubt
no doubt
but down the road
you're bound to take a different route
where it goes
nobody really knows
i've found
in the end it always comes back around
somehow somehow

i don't know
why it has to be so black and white for you and me
when there's a million colors in between
and we could be anything
the truth ain't always what it seems
and right or wrong
lacks depth to me
fear is our only enemy
and we could be anything

i can feel the heaviness you keep by your side
when it's real
it feels like it has multiplied
it's hard to deal
without a friendly face in sight
but it's all right
it's all right
because to grow
you've got to be alone sometimes
in the cold
weathering the storm inside
so you know
no matter what it's gonna be fine
it'll be fine
so fine

b&w chorus

if love is blind
how can you read the signs?
and i believe in time
that we will see
(that) we can (or could) be anything
if the feeling's right
it's not so hard to find
and we can realize
what's meant to be
we can be anything
if you love someone
you've got to let them go
set them free
and trust that they will ebb and flow

b&w chorus X 2

we could be
we could be
we could be anything

[Thanks to Eliza Roberts for lyrics]
CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music
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