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I Love Life Lyrics

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I Love Life Lyric

Melissa Lefton Lyrics
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I Love Life An ordinary girl,
She didn't read all that much,
She decorates her lawn with wild pink flamingoes,
She got a fannypack,
A neon jogging suit,
And after work you'd see her walk her brown dog Bingo.

No further aspirations,
Some say that she's complacent,
No she don't want the modern,
And she says.

I love life, life loves me,
Everything in the world makes me happy,
I love life, life loves me,
Let's take another trip to Disneyland,

A little overweight,
She's a beautician,
Her husband makes a living changing old transmitions,
They've got a couple of kids,
Named Jim and Jenny,
They love iceberg lettuce and ragu on their spaghetti.


What shall we have on our chicken dinner tonight?
Lets go to Orlando where the sun shines bright,
Jim one a prize in the video arcade,
Now they make a sugar free coolaid.

What shall we have on our chicken dinner tonight? (x4)


[Thanks to sar_n84@yahoo.co.uk for lyrics]
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