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Christmas with My Prince Lyrics

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Christmas with My Prince Lyric

Sleeping Beauty Lyrics
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Christmas with My Prince I'm spending Christmas with my Prince
Ever since we met, each day is
Christmas with my Prince
I won't forget these moments...
feeling safe and warm
Even in the strom
Snowflakes falling, good friends calling

Christmas with my Prince
Decorating everything...it's
Christmas with my Prince
It's so romantic when you're sitting by the fire
With your heart's desire
Popcorn stringing...carolers singing

He never looked so dashing
Wearing his velvet suit
He says that I look "smashing"
I say he just looks "cute"

I'm spending, Christmas with my Prince
Mince pie...presents piled high...means it's Christmas with my Prince
And hand in hand we're standing...
at our perfect tree
Happy as can be
It's still snowing, I'm still glowing

Christmas with my Prince
It's everything, I've ever dreamed...and more
It's everything, that I've ben waiting for
Holly strung with bows...chestnuts in the air
We won't need the mistletoe
Although I've hung it everywhere...

Christmas with my Prince
Can it be, I'm really spending
Christmas with my Prince
Is this the love unending...I've been waiting for
Yes, it is...and more
No more waiting, I'm celebrating
Christmas with my Prince!
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