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Quit, You're Being Thoughtless

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Quit, You're Being Thoughtless Song Lyrics

Moros Eros
Piranha 3DD Soundtrack - Movie, 2012
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Quit, You're Being Thoughtless I'm sorry
I'm falling right down to the bottom
back to the basics where I belong.
I cannot handle the truth.
I'll be waiting, wishing for god to reach down and
touch me.
I'll be safe if I wait here
for answers to appear
decomposing slowly like the rats in the street.
I'll lie there on my bed
secretly thinking...
I want to know the truth
I need to know the truth
let the truth pass through me...

we rise... up to heaven
and fall... back to hell
listen to the secrets of your absent god.

In my private Eden
I will find my snake
That tempts me
with knowledge that I'll surely take.
All of these voices
telling me to appreciate
the only time we truly have
is right now.
I am the the product
of a weakening soul that
Secretly prays where no one is watching...
All of these people
want a soulfoul sermon
but I'll know the truth
and I'll feel the truth
and let it wash right over me...

we rise... up to heaven
and fall... back to hell
listen to the secrets of your absent god.

I talked to god it's okay.

We Rise
And fall
CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music

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