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Lost At Birth Lyrics

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Lost At Birth Lyric

Public Enemy Lyrics
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Lost At Birth Clear the way for the prophets of rage
Engagin' on the stage, on a track
Tell jack stay in the back
I was born
Every level I'm on
You're warned
Just in case you forgot
I pump in kilowatts
To let 'em know which direction
To go what's up I wanna know
I test the front row
Forgiven the givin' while the livin' is livin' it up
So many people is sleepin' while standin' up
Not dressed to impress or fess it
That's it text to the brain like fedex
Treated one and the same
'cause the name of the game
Don't give 'em checks above necks
Some don't realize the same side
Siddity in the city
Suburbs or projects
But we're livin' in a different time
Some speed, some lead
While some jus' pump rhymes
Then again all in da same gang
Info to flow
And heal all below
Let's go and find
The piece of mind that's taken
Or else the black
Or start breakin'
Public enemy no!
CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music
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