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Truck Drivin' Girl

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Truck Drivin' Girl Song Lyrics

Danny Jacob
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Truck Drivin' Girl Now let me tell ya all a story about a truck driving girl,
In a custom made monster truck she took for a whirl!
That little speed demon gonna be a star,
with her learners permit and an adult in the car!
She may be out for a long,
but she can't tear it apart!
She's a truck driving girl!
She's a truck driving girl!
Well, someday she'll get her license and she'll have it all!
She can pick up her friends and take a drive to the mall!
That little red head gonna rock my world!
She's a truck driving girl!
She's a truck driving girl!
She's a tire-spinning, gear-griding, clutch-burning, back-firing, paint-trading,
red-lining, over-heating, throttle-stomping, truck driving girl!
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