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Thumbing My Way

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Thumbing My Way Song Lyrics

Pearl Jam
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Thumbing My Way I have not been home since you left days ago
Thumbing my way back to heaven
Counting steps walking backwards on the road
Counting my way back to heaven

I can't be free with what's locked inside of me
If there was a key you took it in your hand
There's no wrong or right, but I'm sure there's good and bad
The answers linger overhead

No matter how cold there's a springtime ahead
Thumbing my way back to heaven
I wish i could hold you, wish that I had
thinking about heaven

You hold on to a rope, but it never held you back
holding on for one more song with your arms around his neck

we cant see whats next from this lonely overpass
still used to sound of you walking up the steps
it's my turn to grasp all the memories of the past
know that I loved ya completely

All the rusted sign giving us hope throughout our lives
I never liked the shiny ones myself

No matter how cold the winter there's a springtime ahead
I smile but who am I kidding?
I'm just walking the miles, sometimes get a ride
thumbing my way back to heaven
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