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We Just Had Sex Lyrics

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We Just Had Sex

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We Just Had Sex Open up the flood gates
Knock down all your fences.
The realist is around the corner.
Test drive your new senses.
And fetter, and sweater, it's wetter, and it just keeps getting better, and better, and better, and better...

We just had sex,
there's nothing sleazy about a natural reflex.
It's nice and easy no need to crance your necks.
It's all cool breezy baby.
What's a little bedroom traffic?
Evenin news is pornographic!

We just had sex,
That's right all three of us
It's not complex.
It's no bid deal at all
We smoke cigarettes, and probably talk about
10 or 15 things
before anyone brings up de fact that
we just had sex
to keep it fresh sometimes we shuffle the dekcs
We realized that this might fog up your specs
But that's just how it goes!

You may find it quite risque, but it's the European way!

La la la. La lala la la.

Don't get to vexed, It's really no big deal that
we just had sex
And now we're gonnga rol five big cigarettes
and have a cup of coffee!

I love how they're so nonchalante about the only thing I want.

[Thanks to Raina Christman for lyrics]
CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music
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