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Sole Brother Lyrics


Sole Brother Song Lyrics

Ladies and jerks, we are,
1234! 1234!
I' at war with Negro morays
I'm at war with girl norms
My mother stand in doorways making me turn to form
Be a good football player ----
so the sisters won't be able to tell you from the others
Yeah, I"m a sole Brother! Up in the mother f**ker! x4
So Roots blew your mind? You didn't think it was that bad?
I learned thta sh*t in 3rd grade, in Miss Menderas' class.
But you're still a bunch of slaves
And you're driving me insane
cut the w hip across your shoulders in connected to your brain!
1234! 1234!
I'm a sole brother!

And he done no wrong uh! x3

I'm a sole brother here!

[Thanks to Raina Christman for lyrics]

Passing Strange Lyrics

Soundtrack for Musical, 2008
Sole Brother Lyrics from Passing Strange Soundtrack (2008). Rating: 4.2/5 (29 votes)