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He'eia Lyrics


He'eia Song Lyrics

Aia i He‘eia la,
I ka nalu e he‘e ana.
He‘e ana i ka muku la,
Ho‘i ana i ka lala.
A na‘u i kikaha la,
‘Oia ‘ae kai.
A he kuhihewa ko]u la,
Aia i ka poli.
Ha‘ina mai ka puana la,
O Halala i ka nuku manu.
There at He‘eia,
On the wave surfing.
Surfing in the crest,
Going out on the backwash.
When I maneuver,
(I reach) the water's edge.
I mistook a person,
For someone else,
There on my bosom.
Tell the story,
Of Halala of the bird-beak.

Over Hawaii Lyrics

Soundtrack for TV, 2012
He'eia Lyrics by Hapa from Over Hawaii Soundtrack (2012). Rating: 4.2/5 (25 votes)