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Jesus for the Jugular Lyrics

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Jesus for the Jugular Lyric

The Veils Lyrics
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Jesus for the Jugular How'd you preach The Word if you don't know how to read
Where will your soul once you've signed the deed
Would the son still rise if there was no one around
Would the fox be as quick if he hadn't his hound

Let him go
Let him go
Let him go for me

The whole world spins with her feet off the ground
She'll make the stars applaud when she sits back down
There's a bulls-blood fountain in the pit of a moan
I will summon an eclipse on my way to the Lord

Let him go
Let him go
Let him go for me

Jesus for the jugular
One at a time
Ain't nobody ever gonna ever have to die
CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music
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