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You're Awful Lyrics


You're Awful Song Lyrics

You're awful,
Awful good to look at,
Awful nice to be with,
Awful sweet to have and hold.
You're nothing,
Nothing if not lovely,
Nothing if not dazzling,
Nothing but pure gold!
You're frightening,
Frightening when you say that you might go away;
You're boring,
Boring into my heart to stay.
You're cheap, dear,
Chap at any price dear,
Cheap for such a diamond,
Cheap for such a pearl.
What I said before I'll say again:
You're awful,
Awful nice to be my girl.

You're old, dear,
Old with worldly wisdom,
Old like Gorgonzola,
Old like vintage France champagne,
You're so-so,
So-so kinda charming,
So-so kind of witty,
So I can't explain!

Can't stand you,
I can't stand you to give some fellow the eye;
Can't see you
In the arms of another guy
Who needs you
Needs you to distraction,
Needs you till he's crazy,
Needs you rain or shine.

I'm the one who needs you and I think you're awful,
Awful nice to say you're mine!

On the Town Lyrics

Soundtrack for Movie, 1998
You're Awful Lyrics from On the Town Soundtrack (1998). Rating: 4.2/5 (23 votes)