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Can't Trust Myself Lyrics

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Can't Trust Myself Lyric

Blaque Lyrics
On the Line Soundtrack - Movie, 2001
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Can't Trust Myself I didn’t really wanna be on your team
I just wanna wear the uniform,
That was enough for me
But somehow you stole the ball from my court
And you forced a game of one on one
That I didn’t want to play
I’ve never had a guy to play the whole game
They always seem to quit at half time
Leave the rest to me
I never thought love should be that way
If you’re down you should be down, until the buzzer rings

And I can’t go back down that road again
Knowing that it ends up a dead end
And although I really wanna take this ride with you
I’m not sure what our destination is and baby this is why:

I can’t trust myself
Cause every time I get around you
I talk to someone else
I’m loving too much about you
I can’t possibly be with this perfect seed
Why, every time I get around you
I can’t trust myself, trust myself

When we all alone, it drives me crazy
Cause I hate the fact that I don’t want your love
I find myself pushing you away,
Then I turn around and I want you to stay
And I know it’s kinda premature but I just gotta be sure

(Bridge and chorus)

Remember the time you looked into my eyes
I never wanna be with an other guy
Every time I think ‘bout how you make me feel
I know you’re the one for me, for real
I never had someone to treat me like you do
I pinch myself, I can’t believe this true
You’re the one, you set me free, I’m falling in love, and it’s killing me
(Chorus x1)
CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music
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