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Man to Man Talk Lyrics


Man to Man Talk Song Lyrics

Boy, flower
Girl, flower

Boy flower, girl flower
Ah tell me more
I want to know about what getting married is for

Seed. fall. from girl flower.
and by and by.
baby flower, grow.
ah but why
ah tell me why, oh father tell me, tell me, father dont be shy

boy flower, girl flower
love each other
boy flower father
girl flower mother
yes yes but how, its very interesting
but how oh tell me now

bee, on boy flower
boy flower dust, gets on bee
bee flies to girl flower
dust touches girl flower
see, oh i see.
no i dont see, its very interesting but still not clear to me

women is like girl flower
man is like a bee and like a boy flower
man thats me
but tell me more i've got to know about what getting married is for.
carry, sounds like carry

man and women get married
winifred in white
love each other
night, night
and then one night

yes yes one night
its very interesting

what happens in the night
what happens what happens
oh father tell me please
shall i go and pick some flowers shall i go and catch some bees

princess winifred and i will get married and then one night.

stork, stork will come and bring us a baby
oh papa, i know all about the stork, mama told me about that years ago
wait a minute papa
flower, seed, man, women, bee, baby, small

it isnt the stork
it isnt the stork at all

ah life is grand
its very interesting
i think i understand
i think i think i know
its very interesting
thank you father
and father i love you so

[Thanks to Louise for lyrics]

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