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The Moon Is On The Sea

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The Moon Is On The Sea Song Lyrics

Oh, Kay! Soundtrack - Musical, 1957
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The Moon Is On The Sea Music: George Gershwin
Lyrics: Ira Gershwin
Book: Guy Bolton + P. G. Wodehouse
Premiere: Monday, November 8, 1926

The moon is on che sea.
The sea is where we'd be.
The darkness is no menace -
It's as though you were in Venice.
Oh, we hope the water's warm
When we go to perform.
You need no sunburn lotion
For a lovely midnight ocean,
So for moonlight bathing each night we appear;
And there's another reason why we're here:

Bathing underneath the moon
Beats the morn or afcernoon.
There's no crowd a-cluttering the sand;
You will find the solitude is grand.
Water sporting in the dark -
What cavortcing! What a lark!
So won't you step out with us some midnight soon,
And do your bathing 'neath che moon.

The moon is on the sea.
The sea is where we'd be.
The water may be fishy
But it peps you up like Vichy.
Bring along your valentine,
And join us in the brine;
Come on, the water's fine!
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