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Don't Ask! Lyrics


Don't Ask! Song Lyrics

Verse 1

If you're looking for a playmate,
There's a chap whose praises I'd sing.
You will find that he's a gay mate,
If you care for that sort of thing.
You'll be feeling dizzy when you've kissed him,
And you'll murmur, "Oh, is this a system!"

Refrain 1

Who is the guy -
Oh me, oh my -
Thinks you're peaches and pie...
Don't ask!
Who is the chap?
Who is the sap?
Love all over his map?
Don't ask!
Moon and stars, stars and moon, heaven above -
Lady, lady, someone's in love. Oh!
Who is the sheik
Who'd make you weak
With his parlor technique?
Don't ask!

Verse 2

Are you sure he won't mislead us?

Maybe it'll pay to take a chance.

Is satisfaction guaranteed us?

You can count on that in advance.
He's the sort of chap to set your cap for.
He's the kind of bird the flappers flap for.

Refrain 2

Who is the miss
Who'd like a kiss?

If you have to know this,
Don't ask!

Is there a Jill
Who'd like a thrill?

Be yourself? Don't be sil'!
Don't ask!
But, oh my, she is shy, what'll she do?
Laddie, laddie, it's up to you.

Say, no use to sigh;
Come on and try.

But will he satisfy?

Don't ask!

Oh, Kay! Lyrics

Soundtrack for Musical, 1957
Don't Ask! Lyrics from Oh, Kay! Soundtrack (1957). Rating: 4.2/5 (25 votes)