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Love No Hoe

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Love No Hoe Song Lyrics

The Notorious B.I.G.
Notorious Soundtrack - Movie, 2009
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Love No Hoe [Intro 1: The Notorious B.I.G. (Dude)]
(Yo Bigs man, what's wrong man? You look like you got problems, man!)
Ayo man!
Pssh, man...
It's this f**kin' b**ch man!
sh*t I know I ain't 'sposed to have no feelings for these hoes out here man, but...
This b**ch on the back of my mind man! (word?)
Yeah man!
Done wrote a rhyme 'bout the b**ch man! (Let me hear it!)
Want me to drop the drama kid? (Yeah!) [beat starts]

[Intro 2:]
Yeah, dedicatin this to you man
Cause my man 50 Gran' told me straight up and down man
I ain't 'sposed to love no ho!
I tried to tell her 50!
I got three rules in life!
I'm not to be played with... played on or played out!
I'm a drop it like dis!

[Verse 1:]
Lyin' in my bed. - I'm lookin' at four walls
Echo in my head sayin I got a lot of gall.
Grippin my cap, my pen in my teeth
Thinkin' what this ho said, she called me a: "Thief"!
She said I stole her heart. - And didn't leave a trace
I told her I was sorry and she said get out my face.
Walked out my door with my Walkman in my pocket
Playin' +Love Is A House+! -Aand thinkin' how she jocked it.
When she had the key - to open up my door
Adore - that Prince scam that got me on the floor.
I know that she loved me, I couldn't ever fake it,
I say: "Go buy a pie! " - The girl would go bake it.
Makin' a record was important to me
More important than her that's what made her flee, see?
The mistake was not payin' no mind
All her posse said we was two of a kind.
I call her back twice. - Your sister said you're broke
She said: "When you left, your ears was full of smoke! "
Chokin' on a cigarette you don't even smoke
Jumped in the train station put in a token.
Coulda been my partner, my amigo my peer,
Just waitin for them three words that all girls wanna hear.
"I love you! " HUH! - You would start to cry if
I would reply with I-L-Y!
Then I tell your friends - that you played me out
Said I wouldn't say: "I love you! " Just to make you shout!
So I, call up 7 digits that would pick up your phone,
Your sister picked it up and said that you wasn't home.
I heard you in the back cryin' up a storm
Screamin how you wish that I never was born.
"I hate him! I hate him! " That's what she kept sayin'
She'll come to her senses is what I kept prayin'.
But now I'm gonna lay the cards on the line,
Just say that you hate me! - Or say that you're mine!
I said: "When I played ball you was in the stands!
When I was sick, you held my hand!
It was hard to say before, but now I can
b**ch I love no ho! - f**k YA! "

I don't give a f**k about'cha
Take a long walk off a short peer b**ch!
Try to take bankrolls...
Bum b**ches outta here 50, man!
Now check it!

[Verse 2:]
Come to my crib she say: "B.I.G. listen!
I don't like the way you been dissin'!
Feel like I been kissin other b**ches cause my lips feel chapped
I tell you it's on the blunts, you ain't tryna hear that! "
Now I'm Henny'd like a f**k? - What's the riff?
Who I'm sleepin with? - I ain't got the time to shoot the gift
To hoes, I'm tryin to take bankroll.
I ain't f**kin' nobody. - Case closed!
You hit the lights and decide to doze off,
No kiss goodnight, didn't take your clothes off.
And my di*k is harder than a rock,
Nobody to cockblock but you's a hardrock!
The f**k you think I am, gay?
I ain't got no time to play I ain't got nuttin' to say.
Bounce out the crib! - Just to see my man, 50
And what's up with B.I.G.
And the O.G.B.! - You know they keep plenty hookers!
And I ain't a bad looker.
So I see one ho that I like yeah, oooh!
sh*t is cool! (Dude: Trust no hoes! - All they want is bankroll!)

That's what I'm tryna tell you now, baby! [beat fades out]
My man 50 done schooled me to all y'all hookers, knahmsayin?
I ain't lame to this!
Can't spell game without me, the B.I.G.!
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