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I Will Let You Go Lyrics

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I Will Let You Go Lyric

Daniel Ahearn Lyrics
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I Will Let You Go Put your hands in the water
watch them go under
Put your hand to the light
watch the light come through
And I will let you go

Put your time on the table
See who’ll sit down with you
Give your love to the ones who offer you bruise
After bruise, after bruise
And I will let you go

How we play fight
As we dance slow
The smile you making saying ‘yes’ meaning ‘no’
Is so grey, so faint.
The words stray in your mouth with an ache

I’m standing in water with the
Light on my shoulder

The weight of the doubt
Turned me to glass

I’m through living in question
Dreaming the answers

No more paving the present with pain from my past
And I will let you go

[Thanks to Laura for lyrics]
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