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Simple Song Lyrics

Maury Yeston
Nine Soundtrack - Musical, 1982
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Simple Carla:
Simple is affairs that touch the heart.
Simple are the ways of love.
Simple as the touch of another's hands.
Simple enough for anyone to understand, but you.
Simple are the ways we come apart.
Simple as a babe is new.
Simple as a tree and as simple as a cloud.
Its as simple as the simplest things have always been.
Simple as the sun and the moon and the stars in the sky.
Simple are the way we say good-bye.

Claudia (Spoken):
I live in Paris with a man named Michelle Boulon.

Simple is affairs that touch the heart.

Claudia (Spoken):
Michelle is 53.
He is an investment banker, very hansom, charming, wealthy.
The house we live in overlooks Park Munso.

Simple are the ways of love.

Claudia (Spoken):
When I am not making a film,
I usually get up around 7:30, have breakfast with Michelle.
Then walk, if the weather is good,
to the studio Vakel in Plash Clecian where I take a dance class.
For lunch I generally eat in a small bar in the basement of the school.
After lunch I take an acting class.

Simple as a tree.

Claudia (Spoken):
Acting is what I care about Guido, and Michelle understands.
Michelle does not distract me.
I've made choices in my life. I
know what I want.

Simple are the ways we say good-bye.

Claudia (Spoken):
Chou, Guido. Chou.

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