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Somebody Lyric

P.T. Walkley Lyrics
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Somebody Seize the day is all you seem to say,
When the night comes I'll be on my way,
'Cause I'm lonely, and I'm longing to be,
To be somebody, to need somebody, to be somebody,
Just like me

Lead the way, there's nothing more to say
Day becomes the night and slips away
I'm sorry that it's gone
I was only trying to find someone
To be somebody, to need somebody, to be somebody,
Just like me

Tell everyone this is the song
Of all the odds and ends I ever dreamed of
And when I'm gone, let this one
remind you that you'll always be somebody to me.

To me, somebody, to be, somebody, to be, somebody, to be somebody
CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music
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