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Eva-00 Song Lyrics

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Song title Artist name
A Cruel Angel's Thesis
Fly Me To The Moon
Angel Attack (Instrumental) Angel Attack Video add
Rei I (Instrumental) Rei I Video add
Hedgehog's Dilemma (Instrumental) Hedgehog's Dilemma Video add
Barefoot In The Park (Instrumental) Barefoot In The Park Video add
Ritsuko (Instrumental) Ritsuko Video add
Misato (Instrumental) Misato Video add
Asuka Strikes! (Instrumental) Asuka Strikes! Video add
Nerv (Instrumental) Nerv Video add
Tokyo-3 (Instrumental) Tokyo-3 Video add
I. Shinji (Instrumental) I. Shinji Video add
Eva-01 (Instrumental) Eva-01 Video add
A Step Forward In Terror (Instrumental) A Step Forward In Terror Video add
Eva-02 (Instrumental) Eva-02 Video add
Decisive Battle (Instrumental) Decisive Battle Video add
Eva-00 Eva-00 Video add
The Beast (Instrumental) The Beast Video add
Marking Time, Waiting For Death (Instrumental) Marking Time, Waiting For Death Video add
Rei II (Instrumental) Rei II Video add
Next Episode (Instrumental) Next Episode  Video add
Other Songs  add
If I Can't Be Yours (Thanatos)
Premonition (Yokan)
Soul's Refrain

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