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Murder In My Heart Lyrics

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Murder In My Heart Lyric

Sheryl Crow Lyrics
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Murder In My Heart I used to love a boy
I still see him in these rooms
His head was like the summer
And his voice was like the moon
Sometimes he makes me happy
A deeper shade of blue
And there's murder in my heart
And there's nothing I can do

I used to love a boy
But now he's two years dead
I hear myself repeating what my father always said
Don't let it make you bitter
I watched what he said
I got murder in my heart
But I'd rather die instead

Somebody wanna take another lover?
Does anybody need another friend?
Right now anybody who isn't me

I kinda like the ocean
With it's arms stretched open wide
But I know what it means
To be dragged out with the tide
And to fight from going under
And to keep myself alive
And there's murder in my heart
And there's water in my eyes

When I laid last night
Just to get a little rest
And I walked beneath the streetlight
And I saw nobody there
Just a bitterness that followed me
A saddening surprise
That there's murder in my heart
And I made me that way
There's murder in my heart
And I can't make it go away

[Thanks to Sammy, Rachel, Annie Rivera for lyrics]
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