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Twist of Barbwire Lyrics

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Twist of Barbwire

Jonathan Jackson Lyrics
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Twist of Barbwire See, I love you
Till you don’t know (miss)
See, I love you
Till the far side of dawn
In the morning
if you (miss) me
Don’t leave with your apologies
If you come back
If I liked you at all
Remember I liked you to fall on your knees
Liar, liar, you’re my last desire

Tried to be faithful
Not hard enough I suppose

Tried wearing your jewels
And your heels and your crown
But it was nothing but a twist of barbwire

See, I promise
I’ll be constantly clean
Did you think that
I still say what I mean
Now you’re -
and you have to decide
will you open your legs or your eyes
Do you pray
Cause I pray all the time
Cause the soul can’t escape
what the heart can’t disguise

Thought your kind of love was just the thorn on the rose
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