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Rainy Day Parade Lyrics

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Rainy Day Parade Lyric

Jill Sobule Lyrics
Mystery Men Soundtrack - Movie, 1999
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Rainy Day Parade I used to have the world in my handbag
How did I manage to blow it?
I missed the bus, I lost my heart
An an awful lot of mornings
I used to have the stars in my pockets
Now I just watch them on TV
My friends, they've all run away
But they'll come back again
And we'll have a celebration
Getting back on my medication
We'll have a rainy day parade

I used to live with someone who loved me
But somehow they ran out of patience
I regret those things I said
They were so uncalled for
Can't you see that the weather is changing
The dark clouds over my head
About to burst, I've seen the worst
Let it pour all day
'Cause I'm filled with good vibrations
I got that old sensation
We'll have a rainy day parade

You're gonna want me back
You're gonna let me in
We're gonna wash our sins away

Got the world in my handbag
Got my notebook too
Got the stars in my pocket
I'm gonna give them all to you

And we'll take a long vacation
We'll sweep across the nation
We'll have a rainy day parade
Getting back that old sensation
Back on my medication
We'll have a rainy day parade
CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music
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