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Down About It Lyrics

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Down About It Lyric

The Lemonheads Lyrics
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Down About It Gotta own up on my own somehow
Toss the beginning and try to live it down
'n work my way out
I been so down about it

It gets the same every time I shy
Away from the blame and I stand my time
You can understand why
I been so down about it

She's gonna give me all the time I need
to finish it
and if I can't I'll sleep

And out like a light when it's not plugged in
fading around if it starts again
you just don't get it when
I get so down about it

I drop you a hint so I hope you don't catch
You fumble your keys and I throw the latch
You'll still worried that
I been so down about it

Out of it so I'd hope she'd be there
Talk to her as I climb the stairs
I told her

gotta own up on my own somehow
gotta own up on my own somehow
gotta own up on my own somehow
CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music
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