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Gimme Three Steps

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Gimme Three Steps Song Lyrics

Lynyrd Skynyrd
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Gimme Three Steps I was cutting the rug

Down at place called The Jug

With a girl named Linda Lou

When in walked a man

With a gun in his hand

And he was looking for you know who

He said, "Hey there, fellow

With the hair colored yellow

Whatcha tryin' to prove?

'Cause that's my woman there

And I'm a man who cares

And this might be all for you"

I said, "Excuse me"

I was scared and fearing for my life

I was shaking like a leaf on a tree

'Cause he was lean, mean

Big and bad, Lord

Pointin' that gun on me

"Oh, wait a minute, mister

I didn't even kiss her

Don't want no trouble with you

And I know you don't owe me

But I wish you'd let me

Ask one favor from you"


"Oh, won't you

Gimme three steps, gimme

three steps, mister

Gimme three steps toward the door?

Gimme three steps, gimme

three steps, mister

And you'll never see me no more"

Oh, sure

Well the crowd cleared away

And I began to pray

And the water fell on the floor

And I'm telling you, son

Well, it ain't no fun

Staring straight down a forty-four

Well, he turned and

screamed at Linda Lou

And that's the break I was looking for

Well, you could hear me

screaming a mile away

I was headed out toward the door


Show me the back door
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