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Back in You Again

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Back in You Again Song Lyrics

James, Rick f/ Jermaine Dupri, Lil' Cease
Money Talks Soundtrack - Movie, 1997
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Back in You Again [Intro: Jermaine Dupri]

Yeah, uh a one two a one two
A one two a one two
Yo yo yo yo
Uh one two one two
Let me get that
Uh one two uh one two
Let me get that
Uh one two uh one two
This hear
Uh one two uh one two
Is SoSoDef
Uh one two uh one two
Ya know
Uh uh uh one two one two
Come on, yo Cease
Come on

[Verse One: Lil' Cease]

I'm the one they call Cease, did you get that?
Peep the John Hancock, P.S. - let me hit that
And flip that, on video
You and me yo, is you wit' that
And Scotta to Prada, can you fit that?
Let me get that

[Verse Two: Rick James]

Girl you don't know the trouble that I'm in
The stories long, so let me see where I'll begin
So baby please listen as I run this down
My life is on shaky ground, yeah
Something very funky happened just the other day
Busted by the man for just getting it my way
Girl don't you see, it's as strange as it can be
Now everybody's out to get me
I'm glad to say

[Chorus: Rick James]

Glad to say that I really missed your sexy way
Here I am girl, back in you again
Since I've been gone, I thought about you everyday
Here I am, back in you again

Here we go

[Verse Three: Rick James]

One minute I'm in jail, the next I'm on the run
Buellets are chasing me from gangstas and police guns
But all I do is think of you and our new child-to-be
And suddenly I'm free yeah
Funky situation but you must believe
I'm still the man that loves you, yeah
Girl you know me and you know I wouldn't hurt no one
So now you see I'm on the run, yeah
I'm glad to say...


[Rick James]
Huh, wha
Uh one two uh one two
I'm diggin' you baby
Uh one two uh one two
Diggin' you diggin' you
Uh one two uh one two
Girl it feels so good
to be back in you again

[Verse Four: Lil' Cease]

See I remember when I used to make you moan
In the back of my Caddy (give it to me Daddy)
Now I jump shift in the chrome 420 (ooh)
It's all about the money
Is you the kind of girl that want carats like the bunny?
So I blaze a lot, you crave a lot
And pop to make my spot hot, not (uhh yeah)
At last, all it takes is green and hash
A little bit of cash and I'm back up in dat ass, wha (uhh)

[Chorus (repeat to fade)]
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