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Crazy Little Huey Lyrics

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Crazy Little Huey Lyric

Huey And Dancers Lyrics
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Crazy Little Huey HUEY:
Crazy little Huey was some crazy little fool!
Crazy little Huey liked to break ev'ry rule!
Crazy little Huey heard what no one said!
That crazy white boy was crazy out of his head!
He loved that black music

Though he's white as a ghost!

He played it anyway

Now he's a T.V. host!
'N he got more success than some folks ever dreamed-

That crazy white boy ain't as crazy as he once seemed!

We talkin' non-stop be-bop do-wop-a, baby
Slipslopa flip-flopa tip-top baby.

Name is Huey!


Gimme Huey!


Screwy Huey!

Crazy little Huey is on your T.V.!

[Thanks to Hana Cheplowitz for lyrics]
CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music
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