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You Don't Mess Around With Me

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You Don't Mess Around With Me Song Lyrics

Waylon Jennings
Maverick Soundtrack - Movie, 1994
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You Don't Mess Around With Me I blew in from Texas
And you don't know who I am
Most of you could care less
And the rest don't give a damn
But you might take special notice
When you take a look at me
I'm everything you've ever been
And ever want to be

My game is the winner take all
I live on the edges
So i'm subject to a fall
I ain't never been a loser
I ain't never gonna be
I'm like runnin' in a ringer
You don't mess around with me

I've got money in my pocket
I've got money in the bank
If I look like a poor boy
I've got much more than you think
I got a woman on my right arm
Woman on my left
When it comes to women,Lord
I just can't help myself

I know it's not the right thing to do
But I could never change
Even if I wanted to
So if you are a lady
Anf if you always want to be
I'm a living lovin' legend
You don't mess around with me

She's got honey drippin' off her lips
So good you can taste
A walkin' aphrodisiac
Too damn good to waste
Prancin' like a thoroughbred
Out to win the race
It don't matter how good lookin'
Or how good she may be
There's just one foregone conclusion
You don't mess around with me
CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music

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