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The Seasons Lyrics


The Seasons Song Lyrics

Ah, Pierre, it's been three months now, and still no child!
It won't be long now!
I hope everything's all right with him
Don't you worry yourself. Our Martin's a man now!
Come on, my friends! The land needs us to work together now! Dig! Dig!
(the men begin to dig, except Guillaume)
Guillaume, dig!
Of course, Pierre! Whatever you say!
(Guillaume joins the men in digging. The women work as well.
Bertrande and Arnaud are still unsure about each other)
(The villagers begin to leave the stage. Galoche the cobbler
brings a pair of boots for Arnaud.)
Your boots are only fit for musketeers
This pair I promise you will last for years
(Lubin the tailor brings a new jacket for Arnaud)
Please have this jacket that I made for you
You've worked so hard all year your coat's worn through
You make me feel so welcome! Thank you.
(she hands Arnaud a water bottle)
You work too hard
I love it here... (he looks to Galoche and Lubin) The land is good!

Martin Guerre Lyrics

Soundtrack for Musical, 1999
The Seasons Lyrics from Martin Guerre Soundtrack (1999). Rating: 4.2/5 (29 votes)